gram arogya

rural health projects

Aarogya Rakshak Yojana:
In villages around 20 km from Velhe, have no health facilities such as clinics or health centres. With the aim of making basic health facilities available here, educated youth are identified and healthcare training is imparted to them. They are supplied with healthcare kits and medicines. With this, it is now possible to provide medical assistance to the needy even at late night or in the odd hours.
This scheme (Arogya Rakshak Yojana) is being successfully run by the Nyas for around 8 years. These volunteers (Arogya Rakshak) also try to maintain peace in the village.

Rugna Sahitya Kendra:
The Nyas has identified the need for various aids for the patients and provides these free of cost when needed.

Rugna Seva – Annapurna Yojana:
Patients in adjoining villages need to go all the way to government or private clinics in Velhe for treatment. Nyas felt the need to arrange for lunch and dinner for these needy people and hence started Annapurna Yojana for patients' relatives without any compensation.

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